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Newtown Strength and Conditioning
"The Home of CrossFit Newtown"

Welcome to a gym space and fitness community that completely buys into offering a leading-edge experience daily, in order to cultivate a colorfully unique culture for all members. Meet knowledgeable exercise professionals who initially fell in love with overcoming adversity through building mental toughness, and who ultimately crave “grinding for success”. Our service is excellent, as coaches prioritize making new members feel comfortable and welcome – it is guaranteed that you will be educated and will be able to trust your coaches. Over the years, members have expressed that they genuinely enjoy coming to class, and that they look forward to it each day. Consistency is key, and it certainly helps when the community is tight-knit, and when everyone in this particular gym space is on the same team. At Newtown Strength and Conditioning “The Home of CrossFit Newtown”, you will experience a culture that revolves around quality, not quantity. Our people are our brand. We focus on the person, not the board. We are a progressive gym space, and we do not drink the “CrossFit Kool-Aid”. Instead, our coaches encourage members to always ask themselves: 

  • Can I do something that I was not able to do last month?
  • How does my body look, feel, and perform?
  • How can I make new social connections in the gym?
  • How can I perpetuate the welcoming and positive experience for others?

Our 12-18 person classes are almost exactly split in terms of gender, which creates a healthy social environment for all. Our fun, edgy, clean, and extremely interactive and inclusive facility will make you feel at home, as well as eager to succeed and expand your fitness horizons. After joining, you will soon realize that your life is shifting for the better. You will be introduced to a whole new culture: new friends, new conversation, and new opportunities and activities to partake in on the weekends. After all, it is a lifestyle. You will be coached, it will be hard, but you will be surrounded by a non-judgemental community of individuals who genuinely want to help you and cheer you on as you progress through your wellness journey. Head Coach and CEO, Matthew Giordano, said himself: “I genuinely get a high off of witnessing people changing their lives. If we keep doing this, our message will continue to reach far and wide”.

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CrossFit Coach and Youth Performance Coach
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