For Love Of The Whiteboard

Companies and people all over the world weigh their options and make their daily decisions based upon readily available information.  Parents determine how to dress...

Dieting for Dummies

Like all of you, I read plenty of information on the interwebs about what to eat. Honestly, it can get a little confusing at...

The One Movement

From Pull-ups to Clean and Jerks to Deadlifts and Wall Balls, CrossFitters perform a variety of movements. At times I find it difficult to...


“I joined  Crossfit Newtown in March 2012. In the span of 8 years of sitting behind a desk through a combination of long hours, high...

Building a Stronger Borough

CrossFit Newtown differs from every other gym that you’ve gone to and we like it that way.  With a focus on functional movements done...

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