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Why Should Athletes Participate in Olympic Weightlifting?

Muscle Fiber Recruitment

Olympic weightlifting recruits just about every muscle in the human body and this teaches it to fire all of those muscle fibers at once.  Isolation movements, such as traditional body building type exercises (bicep curls,) only involve a small number of muscle fibers. But, the more muscles you recruit, the better the workout, which results in greater benefit from the program.

Strength, Power and Movement Coordination

Efficient and coordinated movement patterns will provide increased performance in athletic movements such as sprinting, jumping, and change of direction skills.  If you want to improve your 40yd dash time, vertical jump and agility, then you need to get into Olympic Weightlifting.  When it comes to sport performance, no other program matches the strength and power gained from proper utilization of the Olympic lifts.

Injury Prevention and Safety

Olympic lifting serves as an excellent learning tool to help you improve your flexibility and reduces your change of injury.  Upper and lower body mobility and stability improve because of the demand for full ranges of motion at the joints and coupling these full ranges of motion with efficient movement mechanics leads to reductions in sports-related injuries (muscle pulls, strains, tendon and ligament damage).

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