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Throughout the year, sports programs work to develop their teams for the upcoming season, following the same approach as most other teams in their respective leagues.  They schedule off-season lifts, organize scrimmage games and plan for overnight camps, without any real differentiation from the rest of the pack.

The Team Strength and Conditioning Program at CrossFit Newtown enhances an athlete’s success in their respective sport through focused attention on two things: strength and well-being.  Our staff, formally educated in the fields of Exercise Science and Chiropractics, with top level certifications in the field of strength and conditioning, provides each team with the competitive edge they need.

Our program has one simple goal; build strong, well conditioned athletes that can perform to the best of their ability and to the demands of the sport.  Strength, power, speed, and endurance will all help to build a successful team, but nothing is more important than staying healthy and injury free.  Stronger athletes are less susceptible to injury and recover faster, so we believe in focusing our energies here, helping to keep our players on the field, on the court and in the game.

Our training begins well before the season begins, preparing our athletes to handle the rigors of that season and its intense competition.

Your team has two options; you can come to our spacious facility with all the latest in strength and conditioning equipment or we can come to you.  We will then develop a comprehensive strength and conditioning plan for the team to enhance each individual athlete’s skills and ability.

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For more information contact Matt Giordano @267-893-8100