CrossFit Newtown Code

The Crossfit Newtown Code

Cheer, clap, and encourage others until the very end of each WOD. Anything less and you will cheat yourself of the experience and rob others of the gift of your presence and support as part of the community. Don’t leave until all your classmates have finished their wod.

Introduce yourself. We are a community. If you see someone you haven’t met yet, please introduce yourself, as we are ultimately here with the same common goal of improving our personal levels of fitness.

We make noise respectfully. We joke, yell, grunt, scream, sweat, bleed, etc. You will too. Grunting, screaming, and otherwise making noise are all welcome and encouraged during a workout. common sense rule applies, please be respectful.

Have fun. Yes, you’re going to work harder than you thought possible. Yes, it’ll hurt. So what? Have fun with it.

Brag to your family and friends. You’re getting in the best shape of your life. You’re having fun. You’re doing things you never thought possible. Be proud of this!

Arrive early and stay late. We totally understand being late once in a while due to unavoidable circumstances, but we believe that it’s unfair for the coaches and rest of the class when consistently late members squeeze themselves into the workout and disrupt the flow of the class. The warm-up, mobility work and buy-out are all part of the workout. Stay and cheer until the last member of your class is finished and then clean up. Feel free if there is time after a class to work on a skill. Start as a group, cheer and support, and then finish as a group. A class burpee penalty will soon be enforced for members showing up late for class.

Treat equipment with respect, but don’t baby it. Bars loaded with bumpers and medicine balls are meant to be picked up and dropped. But, please do not drop  unloaded bars. Respect the equipment by using it heavy and hard, but don’t abuse it.

Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout. Every piece of equipment has a nice little home; if you take it from there just simply return it when done.

Never, never cheat a workout. Do every rep to required standards with solid technique, no excuses. You only cheat yourself of the opportunity to become a better athlete and person. There is no honor in cheating. What joy is there in a victory you didn’t earn?

Get your butt in the door! And Repeat! A workout may suck before and during, but no one ever feels bad after they workout!!!!! The hardest part is coming in and getting started.  Don’t skip days because you don’t like a movement or your not good at it. You’ll never get better if you only come when it’s things your good at.

Be coachable and receptive to constructive criticism.

You can injure yourself in any activity, but CrossFit is safer than many activities people perform every day. Nobody is beyond coaching and it doesn’t matter how long you have been doing Crossfit. The coaches are here to help and assist you and make sure your doing the movements properly & safely.

The three components of CrossFit:

  • Mechanics: master the movement. This requires progression, patience, and determination as many of the movements we do are complex and require a high level of skill and coordination. Frustration is very common here!! No worries, stick with it and good things will come!
  • Consistency: the ability to repeat a mastered movement safely and efficiently. This requires repetition and practice of quality reps. Listen to coaching cues throughout wods and strive to be a perfectionist.
  • Intensity: the speed and at which you are able to perform the movements. Solid mechanics performed consistently will lead to a high level of intensity!

One does not come before the other and the best results will come from staying true to this philosophy.

Be proud of yourself and your efforts. Never be embarrassed or ashamed of your abilities. You have chosen to join a community that many will never even venture into. We are all here to become more fit and develop a lifelong sense of health and wellness. Work hard, give every class your full attention and effort and be proud.

Open up the rest of your life to CrossFit. What you eat is more important than what you lift. Sleep and rest allows the body to recover, progress, and develop. Reducing stress will allow the body to function properly and positively influence all aspects of your life.