Briana Forester

BA in Psychology from Temple University
USAW Level 1 Coach
CrossFit L1
Totten Training Systems Basic Olympic Lifting Certification
Coaching Philosophy:
Proper technique is way more impressive than heavier weight or more reps with poor form.
How I was introduced to CrossFit: 
I was looking for a new challenge after exhausting a lot of other workout programs, I had a friend that was doing CrossFit and after some research I knew it was exactly what I was looking for.
My favorite movie:
Gone Girl or Shutter Island
My favorite Book:
The Help
My favorite local restaurant: 
Augustos in Warminster
My favorite food: 
My mom’s homemade pastas, and all pasta in general.
Tell us something that we don’t know or would be surprised to learn about you: 
I currently work at a treatment facility for children with mental illnesses and disabilities.
I love Eminem and other foul rap music.
My favorite WOD is: 
Hard to say, but maybe the power clean handstand push-up WOD from this year’s open (15.4).
My Favorite Lift is: