7/10/19 Training

Warm-Up WOD

Row 500/400

RDL’sx 20

Downward Dogs x 10

Ring Rows x 5

Run 400

Muscle Cleansx10

Scorpions x 10

Ring Rows x 5

Row 300/200

Shoulder Press x 8

Walk-outs with push up x 10

Ring Rows x 5

*immediately upon finishing Warm up WOD, please take 2-3 warm up sets up to weight you will use in the workout.


5 rounds with 2 minute rests between rounds

3 Bar Muscle Ups

6 Clean and Jerks 135/93

9 Box Jump overs 24/20


Workout Notes:


- Make sure clean and jerk weight is something you can touch and go for 2-3 reps at a time. Singles are not recommended.

-Box Jumps can be scaled up if proficient at other movements only.

-Sub for BMU

A. Ring Rows x 7 +  7 Push-ups

B. Kipping Pull-ups x 6 + 6 Push-ups

C. Kipping Pull-ups x 4 + 4 Push ups

D. Strict Pull-ups x 3 + 3 Push-ups


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