April Athlete Spotlight: Bob Tosti


Tell us something about your life outside of CrossFit (career, family, hobbies, etc).

I grew up in Bristol Boro where I met my wife Darlene.  After graduating college with a degree in Computer Science I worked in several fields including Aerospace, Defense and most recently Pharmaceutical as a programmer, quality assurance, and IT.   When I’m not working I like taking photos of local sporting events. Darlene and I have one Daughter – Julianna(19).


My favorite book or movie:

I don’t usually read for pleasure but when I do it’s usually a technical book on Photography or computer programming.  The last book I read for pleasure was “Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.


My favorite local restaurant:

No real favorite but I’ve been trying all the restaurants in Newtown.  My favorite Pizza place is the Burg in Fairless Hills.


My favorite band/music genre:

I listen to just about anything these days but my favorites were Aerosmith and Van Halen.


Tell us something that we don’t know or would be surprised to learn about you:

No one knows this except my wife but my biggest fear is getting a paper cut from licking envelopes


How I was introduced to CrossFit:

3 years ago I went to see Dr. Tom with lower back pain.  After several weeks of treatment, Dr. Tom set me up with physical therapy with one of the coaches several times a week.  After several weeks of therapy (crossfit light), I was convinced that crossfit was something I wanted to do long term.


My fitness routine before CrossFit:

Before crossfit, I did the P90X and T25 programs but it was difficult to stay motivated and usually ended up doing very little.


My thoughts after my first CrossFit workout:

I can’t remember but I’m sure it’s the same thoughts I have now at the end of each workout.


My proudest CrossFit accomplishment is:

I have several which include getting the bar muscle up and ring muscle up.  But my proudest moment was most recently when a younger guy in class sent me a text saying “If I beat you in the open, you owe me a beer”.  He didn’t beat me.


My favorite WOD is:  

I don’t really have a favorite but I usually like the WODS that have Toes-To-Bar or box jumps.


My Favorite Lift is:

The Snatch


My next goal is:

I have several 1.  Strict Ring Muscle Ups, 2. Handstand Walk, 3. Online Qualifier in the October 2109 Open.


How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

I have a lot more confidence


What I love most about CrossFit Newtown:

My teammates.  I think we have a great community.  It doesn’t matter which class I go to from 6AM to 5:30PM, all are supportive and want to see everyone succeed.


What advice I would give to someone just joining CrossFit Newtown:

Leave your ego at the door.  Listen to your coaches and scale the workouts – Intensity over Weight.


Do you have any diet/nutritional advice?

This one is a hard to answer since for the last 3 years I’ve only eaten Chicken, Broccoli and Rice.   I wouldn’t recommend it.


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