2/21/19 Training

CrossFit Newtown – CrossFit

Intramural Open Updates:

1. Team names are due by tomorrow night
2. Teams with Team Names will be displayed on the board by Saturday. Weather got in the way.
3. All classes Friday and Saturday will be performing Open WOD 19.1. The WOD is released Tonight

Overhead Squat (55×3 63×3 70×3 77×3 85×3 93×3)

Metcon (No Measure)


Pick correct progression for Handstand Work

1. Handstand Walk, or hold, or Handstand hold with shoulder tap x about :30 seconds of work

2. Double KB front rack walk (back and forth rig) 53/35

3. Wall Balls x 16

4. Strict Pull ups x 6-8

-BMU x 4-6

-Ring Muscle up x 2-4


5 Minute

Foam Roll Circuit

30 Seconds each body part






Glutes – Left

Lat – R

Lat – L

Mid/Upper Back

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