Inaugural 2019 CFN CrossFit Newtown Intramural Open

Inaugural 2019 CFN CrossFit Newtown Intramural Open  

The best thing we do all year!
Starting on Feb 19th, all across the world, the CrossFit Games season begins with the CrossFit Open. The Open is a 5 week competition with a single workout released each Thursday evening with final scores due the following Monday evening.  If you are still debating whether to sign up, consider what is coming your way…..


     This year CFN will take the Open one step further!  Instead of athletes only competing as an individual, we are going to run a fun in-house team competition using the Open workouts. The idea is to create camaraderie and cohesiveness between all of us while also having fun and working hard. The Open workouts will be programmed into our regular classes on Fridays and Saturdays. This means, that if you come to the gym to workout on Fridays/Saturdays, you will be doing the Open workout anyway, so why not join in on some community fun?

team pic

How will you get onto a team?  


     Every athlete who signs up for the Open will be drafted onto one of four gym teams (names TBD), prior to the release of the first workout on 2/19/19. Captains will be selected by the coaches prior to the draft.  Coaches are eligible for the draft, but will not be captains. Captains will have a team roster to fill consisting of the following categories:

Open age athletes (young guns)

     There will be many ways for athletes to contribute points to his or her team! Points will be earned based on place performance within age groups, gender, rx or scaled only compared to other CFN members. If a team’s athlete places 1st, 2nd, 3rd in their category, they will receive points based on their placing. 3pts – 1st, 2pts – 2nd, and 1pt for 3rd.


Teams can earn points other ways as well:

1. Anyone who signs up and passes the online judges course ($10 at your own expense), will earn whatever team they are on 3 bonus points to be used during any of the weeks. Please screenshot or print out certificate. We strongly encourage team captains to take the course.

2. Most Inspirational Performance – 3 points (awarded each week)

3. Teams will have the ability to nominate an athlete each week to compete in a special wild card category. These 4 athletes each week will have the potential to earn bonus points. They will earn points based on their placing in the wild card group (regardless of gender or age), plus earn points in their respective age and gender category as usual.

The team with the most points at the end of the 5 weeks will be awarded with Championship Swag, that they can wear for the next year….like Eagles Fans did. Too soon?

Make sure you sign up for the open at The sooner you sign up the quicker we can get teams drafted, please do not wait until the last minute. Our goal is to create teams on Sunday the 17th!

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