September Athlete Spotlight: Hye Cho


Tell us something about your life outside of CrossFit (career, family, hobbies, etc).

I’m a mother of two adorable pups (Sage and Chewie), four pea puffers and a betta fish. I was an engineer for a year after graduating from Drexel University but decided not to pursue my career in engineering after realizing it really wasn’t for me. Luckily, I ended up in the clinical research field and now have a much fulfilling career. I currently manage adult and pediatric HIV clinical trials at Merck and super excited to share the news that we just received the FDA approval for our study drug! Although I immensely enjoy my job, my hope is to retire early and become a zookeeper. Oh and I recently got engaged to my ”lover”.


My favorite book or movie:

Favorite book is The Kite Runner and favorite movies are the Predator movie series, Transformers (can’t wait to see Bumblebee in December) and District 9. Pretty much movies with robots and aliens.


My favorite local restaurant:



Tell us something that we don’t know or would be surprised to learn about you:

I’m classically trained in piano. I also love bugs and would like to build an ant farm in my office but not sure how my fiance would feel about that….


How I was introduced to CrossFit:

Stephen aka Coach M coached me at Optimal Sport before I joined CFN and suggested I should give it a try.


My fitness routine before CrossFit:  

Lots of running and functional training with bar & kettlebell


My thoughts after my first CrossFit workout:

Wow, I thought I was athletic!???


My proudest CrossFit accomplishment is:  

When I taught myself how to do double unders. I spent about a couple hours in my parents’ garage last Thanksgiving whipping myself with jump rope and couldn’t really walk the next day but it was worth it!


My favorite WOD is:  

Bodyweight and Chipper type WODs


My Favorite Lift is:  

Front squat


My next goal is:

Learn to kip efficiently for pull-ups, toes-to-bar and handstand pushups


How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

Since I work from home, it gives me opportunity to get out and release my stress. I feel accomplished and recharged (mentally but not physically) after every workout. I also met many great friends through CFN which I’m very thankful for. And coach Matt has helped me greatly with my diet/nutrition. Now I’m better at consuming proper nutrition to feel better and energized.


What I love most about CrossFit Newtown:  



What advice I would give to someone just joining CrossFit Newtown:  

Don’t be intimidated, discouraged or impatient. You will suck at many things in the beginning and your progress may be slow but everyone is there to help and cheer you on. Keep trying and you’ll be able to accomplish many things you thought impossible during your first week of Crossfit.


Do you have any diet/nutritional advice?

I’m still working on my diet/nutrition. But I strongly believe that it’s okay to cheat a little and feed your body what it craves. It’ll make you a happier person and will also help with refocusing on your diet/nutrition goal.


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