18.4 CFN Tips and Strategy

18.4…handstand walks seems to be all the talk…good luck getting there. It’s harder than you think!

9 min Cap to complete


21 Dead’s at 315/205
1 50 ft HS walk
15 Dead’s
1 50 ft HS walk
9 Dead’s
1 50 ft HS walk

The Deads:

This isn’t normal Diane, mostly due to the HSPU standard I’ll talk about in a minute, so whatever tours deadlifts sets are on that…don’t do that. You will walk all the energy and focus for the HSPU’s. Break these up from the start, and wear a belt! Two sets for those that have the weight as 50% of their 1 RM. If that weight flirts with around 60-65% go 3
Sets, anything more go 4 sets..yes for each, until you get to the 9’s…then do what you can. Use the floor for the bounce, but keep your arms straight or they will be no reps, and we will have plenty of those on the HSPU!

The Handstand Pushups:

The key here is not to miss one rep. The standard is more difficult this year, and even when you think your arms are locked out, there is a very good chance your heels are not over the height marker. Small sets are key if these are a weakness for you. Those that can do normal Diane unbroken go ahead and do 2 Big sets, but get off the wall before it get difficult. A good piece of advice is to dorsiflex the toes at the top of each rep, as to make sure your heels get above that line. You will get no repped at least once, don’t let it mess with your head.

2nd part of dead’s (aka heavy dead’s)

Singles for most will probably be the way to go, as most reps will feel like near max attempts, and if you plan to get a HS walk, you’ll be want a bit of rest here, well whatever rest is possible at 315/205. Yes, wear a belt and get ready to pull a max attempt every time.

HS Walk:

Oh boy, like most that have killer Diane’s you will think you’re getting to these. Guess again, if you do, feel honored and beastly. It’s not an easy feat. If you have the walk, it will be a huge separator. Take some rest before getting inverted, as the rep doesn’t count unless you walk a continuous 5 ft.

Good luck!!!

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