18.2 CFN Tips and Strategy



This workout is great for 2 reasons. It’s only 12 minutes and we get to lift some weights…so let’s do that!

Let’s break this workout down:


DB Squat and Bar Facing Burpees

18.2 A
1 RM Clean (any style)

Ok, here we go:

DB Squat
So here is another new movement and I’m going to start by saying…wear weightlifting shoes, knee sleeves (only if they don’t smell)…and a belt (loosely). The shoes will help you keep an upright position during the awkwardness of having two db’s in your hands, and the belt will save some of the low back fatigue for those that have that as a capacity issue. How we hold the db’s will also be critical. I’m going to suggest two options: 1)holding them slightly upright with the bell slightly pointed up at a 45 degree angle and the back the bell pulled into your traps. 2)letting the handle of the dB rest on your shoulders while you support the front part of the dB with your hand. Both are good options depending on your preference, just don’t Vulcan death grip the heck out of them the whole time, this will waste energy. So, how should we break up the reps? Most shouldn’t, but realize that when you are at round 8, you’re only half way done with the workout. Pace these methodically or break them up starting at round 6, with a 7-10 second rest in between sets. Also, please do not bail the DB’s, you’ll be chasing them after the burpees which will waste transition time, and in this short of a workout, every second counts. To be most efficient, set them slightly off to the side of the barbell behind the plates on either side.

Bar Facing Burpees

Well the new jumping out and in standard definitely makes these suck more. So don’t go out to hot in the early rounds. Make sure you save that speed for around round 8…the halfway mark. However, even though you may be taking it a tad slower in the early rounds, you want to minimize any wasted steps. You are allowed to jump back in from your burpee in a side ways type fashion, so you are already half turned as you finish your beautiful turning jump over the bar to get you in the right position. Practice this in warmups to see if it works for you. No breaking these up…sorry.

Please take about a minute or so if you have it and rest before going into 18.2 A

18.2 A – 1 rep max clean

First off, warm up to about 75% of your 1 RM prior to the workout starting. No need to take anymore warm ups attempts and waste precious energy. Most people will take about 2-3 attempts. If you have 3, open at 65-75%, then take an 80-85%, then a 90%-95%. Most of us aren’t Pr’ing or matching one, but you may, so it’s up to you, but highly unlikely. Those guys were about 40-50lbs away from their maxes last night FYI. Power clean, squat clean, and split clean are ll fair game. Use what you are comfortable with and make sure you have your shoes on, belt on, and knee sleeves! Make it count!

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