18.1 CFN Open strategy

Well, it’s here…and its not 17.1! Thank you CrossFit gods! So here is the rundown on 18.1

20 Minute AMRAP

8 Toes to Bar
10 DB Hang Clean and Jerks
14/12 Calorie Row

Toes to Bar:

I know it’s only 8, but I’m a huge fan of breaking things up during open workouts. These will be the first thing to go for most of us, and there is nothing worse than just looking up at the bar with so much of the workout left. 4+4 on these with a 5-7 second rest for those T2B ninjas and more like a 10-12 second rest for those that could use a little more help. Can you break these up in doubles and singles…sure…we just won’t be going to regionals (if that matters to you). Briggs didn’t break these up at all, we aren’t Briggs. Being able to hang on to these will be the biggest determining factor of how many rounds you get.

DB Hang Clean and Jerks:

Well here is the new movement, but in my opinion it’s not a game changer for this workout. Everyone should be able to get through 5 with the left and 5 with the right. If your engine is a problem, place the DB down between 5’s and take a good 10 second breather. If you want to push the throttle a tad, make the transition below the face and keep on going. The only tip I’d give is make the clean more swingy, like a KB Clean. The momentum will help cycle these a little better.

Calorie Row:

14/12 is a short enough that people will be tempted to sprint…don’t do that. It’s a 20 minute workout and you need to keep moving. Row hard, but make sure to breathe. I suggest that females row between 800-1100 cal per hour tops, and the gents row about 1100-1300 cal per hour tops. This is normal people type engine stuff, I actually think Briggs was going about 1300 Cals per hour just an fyi!


Breathe…relax…transition between movements quickly. These will be the key elements to getting far in this workout. I believe 10 rounds will be an excellent score for us normal folks, and with the suggestions above you can get there! If you blow through your first round in about 90 seconds, get ready for some pain. Stretch these rounds out, even take it slower at first and try to speed up in the latter rounds. 1:45-2:00 for the bigger engines and 2:00-2:30 for our smaller engines. For those just trying to stay alive…2:30-3:00 per round.

Have fun!

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