No, No, No Cycle.

We are coming to the end of our MEBB strength cycle and will begin our next cycle 4/17/16. This cycle will run until 5/29/17 and include some higher volume/longer duration metabolic conditioning, as well as include a new strength cycle. Here is what to expect from our No, No, No lifting program:

3 Rules:

1. No weightlifting shoes

2. No knee sleeves

3. No weight belts

Remember, this is only for the strength portion of the daily WOD. If you want to continue with the rules into the conditioning…go right ahead. We will hit 10 rep maxes for our squats, deads, and presses and 5 rep maxes for our Olympic lifts. There are many benefits to lifting with no gear on, and although we won’t be able to lift tons of weights, we will be more confident when we put the gear back on for the Wendler cycle. During this cycle focus on your breathing, your mobility, and creating total body tension during lifts…and don’t worry about lifting all the weights in the gym.

In addition, there will be optional cash outs that will involve some moderate intensity running. These will be progressed throughout the cycle 3x per week and will include the following:

100-200 m repeats with a 1:6 work to rest ratio. For example, run 100 m rest 1 minutes x6.

400-800 m repeats with a 1:1 work to rest ratio. For example, run 400 and rest the amount of time it takes to complete the interval x4

10-30 minute run. Run as far as possible in 10 minutes.

These workouts will start with low volume and increase in volume over the 4 weeks. These are aimed at increasing our aerobic base and will be optional programming during the daily wod. Performing some aerobic training will aid in building your engine for longer wods. Running WODs are meant to me done after the main WOD.

As mentioned earlier, the goal is this cycle is metabolic conditioning and building a stronger aerobic base. Expect the conditioning wods to have lighter rx weights and moderate rx’c standards. The focus should be on moving fast, but paying special attention to perfect technique. We will be completing some classic CrossFit benchmarks as well as some additional longer duration wods.

We will be modifying our skill wods prior to the main conditioning WOD with some fatigued skill training. For example, the skill focus might be toes to bar and the skill WOD would be programmed as follows:

5 x 2 minute intervals with no rest between rounds

25 doubles + max linked toes to bar

We hope you find this description helpful, if you have any question please feel free to speak with a coach.

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