17.3 CFN Tips and Strategy

17.3 is here and thankfully there are no dumbbells. If you didn’t understand the quadratic equation that Castro went over last night, here is a simpler version.


You have an 8 minute cap to get through:


3 rounds of 

6 C2B Pull-ups

6 Squat Snatches 95/65




3 rounds of 

7 C2B Pull-ups

5 Squat Snatches 135/95


For 17.3, most of us will end here…some of us will be lucky enough to finish under the cap and receive another 4 minutes of hell. If you are so lucky, you’ll have until the 12 min mark to finish:


3 rounds of

8 C2B Pull-ups 

4 Squat Snatches 185/135


Even the lucky ones will end here. But, we can all dream. If you finish the above by the 12 minute mark, now you will receive an additional 4 minutes (up to 16 minute mark) to complete the following:


3 rounds of

9 C2B 

3 Squat Snatches 225/155 


I’ll just stop here, but I’m hoping somebody proves me wrong.


C2B Pull-Ups


Either you have them or you don’t. Either way, I’m going to suggest single reps at at every 5-6 second pace for the first 8 minutes of pull-ups. In 2015, there was an Overhead Squat/C2B pull-up workout, and many of us singled our way into the later rounds. The singles take away any negative movement from the pull-up, saving our heart rate and our grip. If you’re  excellent at C2B go small sets, maybe splitting them up in half. Just keep in mind, the last thing you want is having to snatch a heavy weight with Fran T-Rex forearms and/or Fran lung. Not fun.




DO NOT GO TOUCH AND GO!  However ladies, watch bailing the 10′s, if you break one mid-workout, it is your responsibility to get another one if you need it…not the judges. Please wear all your fancy gear (shoes and knee sleeves) and hook grip!  We will be using multiple bars on Saturday, so nobody will have to change weights.

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