March 2017 Athlete Spotlight: Heather Poblete


Tell us something about your life outside of CrossFit (career, family, hobbies, etc).

I’ve been very happily married for 12 years, have two awesome kids, and am a Nurse Practitioner in a family practice. I’m also a Certified Aromatherapist and have my own aromatherapy business. In my spare time (Ha Ha. Spare time. That’s funny) I’m a bit of a foodie, love seeing live music, and go snowboarding or hiking. Sadly, none of these things happen often enough.


My favorite book or movie:

  1. War and Peace

  2. The Grapes of Wrath

  3. Just kidding. I read crappy fiction.


My favorite local restaurant:

Brick Farm Tavern in Hopewell. Not to be confused with Brick Farm Market, which is also good but not the same place. Get the tasting menu. It’s worth it.


Tell us something that we don’t know or would be surprised to learn about you:

It will probably surprise most people to learn that I gave birth to my second child, Lincoln, at home. On purpose.


How I was introduced to CrossFit:

The mother of one of the kid’s my daughter went to preschool with, Gina Abrams, invited me about a year before I finally came. One day I saw her at the LMT pool and was completely jealous of her muscles so I finally took her up on her offer.


My fitness routine before CrossFit:  

I’ve done a lot of yoga in my life and that’s still important to me. Just prior to starting CF I was seeing a lot of Shaun T on my TV. (Focus!)


My thoughts after my first CrossFit workout:  

I was immediately hooked. I loved the intensity and the grit. I had never picked up a barbell in my life and was surprised to discover how much I like lifting, too.



My proudest CrossFit accomplishment is:  

Right now I’m pretty proud of my TTB. I am finally getting the hang of linking them together (thanks everyone for your help.)  I’m also rather shocked I can do a few HSPU’s! But I’m most proud of myself for participating in 2 competitions over the winter. I’m lucky to have found an amazing partner in Meghan and great teammates in Brett and Steve A. It’s a good way to challenge myself mentally and physically and I love the example I’m setting for my kids as well.


My favorite WOD is:  

I don’t have a favorite. But I tend to like chippers and WODs with more than one type of lift.


My Favorite Lift is:

The overhead squat, believe it or not. It’s a lift that I’ve had a really hard time with in the past because of a weak core and shoulder problems. But I’ve been working really hard to correct those weaknesses and love feeling how well that hard work is paying off.


My next goal is:

I have a hard time narrowing down my goals! I want to be kick ass at everything, but right now I’m working hard on mastering DU’s. I’d like to be able to do multiple  sets of 20 or more in a row, instead of just 2 or 3 at a time. I’m also shooting for a set of 5 strict PU’s, and a set of 10 HSPU’s. Coach Stef has been super helpful to me in my goal setting.


How has CrossFit affected your life outside of the gym?

I don’t mean to sound like a cliche, but CF has changed my life. It has done so in the ways you might expect: I have more energy, I feel stronger, I like the way I look. But more importantly, I think, is that it has given an outlet for the more high-spirited side of my nature. I love the competition and the comradery that I’ve found through CF and it makes me a better person in other areas of my life.


What I love most about CrossFit Newtown:

I’m thankful for CFN for many reasons. I love the sport of CrossFit and am thankful to have a place with such great coaches who value form and safety. Mike, especially, has taught me so much and has helped me overcome some weaknesses that could have easily led to injury. But mostly I love the community at CFN, especially in the 6am class. The joking and teasing, the suffering together, celebrating together, competing together is all part of the magic that is CFN.


What advice I would give to someone just joining CrossFit Newtown:

Two things. First, listen to the coaches and take it slow. Trust the process, don’t try to lift heavy weight too fast. Build the foundation first. It will pay off in the long run! Second, if you’re obsessed like I am, make sure not to over train. Take a rest day or active recovery day in the middle of the week.  Not only will you feel better and hurt less, but you will see greater gains.


Do you have any diet/nutritional advice?

I am not someone who can adhere to a ‘diet’. I can become a headcase really quickly so I try to just eat clean, avoid sugar and refined carbs, and eat a ton of protein. I try to live by the 90/10 rule. 90% of the time I eat great. 10% I don’t and I don’t feel bad about it.

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