CFN Tips and Strategies: Open WOD 17.1

Welcome to the 2017 open! We knew that db’s were going to be used and I’m happy they chose the DB snatch.  We have programmed plenty of these and even went heavier at times. Performing 150 Snatches and 75 Box Facing Burpee Box Jumps, will be no small task. So here is how we will do it:

The Snatches:

Touch and go (switching hands mid air) or no? Well, this depends. Did you usually kill our DB snatch workouts with a 70/55? If you did, touch and go sets of 10 early on may help get you to finish under that 20 minute cap. But for most of us, we will be slowly one repping away all those reps. Clumps of 10 will be the best bet with some short breaks every set (10-12 seconds). Remember to break this up as early as the set of 20 and please breath between each rep. Smaller sets will also work 10 (5′s), 20 (5′s), 30 (6′s), 40 (8′s), and go for it on the last set of 50. This rep scheme will bring you very close to that 20 min mark and every rep you get into your 50 will help you! Pro tip: don’t do more than 10, I did and suffered dearly.


Burpee Box Jumps

I have to say that Jump down/step out of the Burpee will probably be the quickest and least taxing way to do this. If you’re really dying, stepping down and up out of the Burpee is fine…it’s just slower. But slow is better than stopping…and you cannot stop on these. Just make sure you keep moving through these! If you want to finish, try and not open up at the top of your box jump and start making your turn on the box. Those that can’t do that, still can finish…but it will be very hard.

Remember, it’s workout number 1 and we have 4 more to go. Have fun and don’t fret about one poor performance. Just competing is a win. Oh, and the ladies will beat the guys, so just accept it. Side note: AM vs PM scores will come out Tuesday after the final validation.

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