Max Effort Black Box Cycle 2019

We are now coming to the end of our more classic CrossFit cycle with programming from our coaches. During this cycle we focused on building some capacity, training with some variable intensities, and giving our percentage based strength training a little break. Now we will be transitioning into our Max Effort Black Box Cycle (MEBB). This cycle will run for 12 weeks from Jan 21nd to April 14th.

MEBB will contain dedicated strength training mixed with a CrossFit template with the goal of getting our athletes closer to using RX’d weights and preparing us for the loads used in the CrossFit Open.

MAXIMUM EFFORT (ME): This is a strength session where the athlete works with a load near his or her maximum. This will typically fall in the 80-90%+ range. Reps will range from 1-5. Max effort does not always mean a personal record, rather  “your best effort” for the day.

MOVEMENT ROTATION: The movement pools are divided into total body (T), lower body (L) and upper body (U):

TOTAL BODY (T): These are usually ground-based (but can be from the hang) and including a transfer of energy from lower-body to upper-body. These are always Clean variations, snatch variations, and jerks.

LOWER BODY (L):  These contain the squat family (back, front, overhead) and deadlifts.

UPPER BODY (U): These include the presses (vertical, horizontal, and incline). Think press, push press, bench press, power jerk, split jerk, floor press, push-ups, and dips. Also included in this movement pool are some pulls. These could be pull-ups and ring rows.

On the first ME day, we perform a total body movement; on the second ME day, a lower body movement; and finally on the third ME day, an upper body movement. Rotations are 3 weeks long with the T, L, and U movement tiers, moving from an introductory week to an intensification week of singles.

A three-week rotation reps looks like this:

Week 1: 5-5-5-5-5

Week 2: 3-3-3-3-3

Week 3: 1-1-1-1-1

Along with the 3 MEBB days, we will mix in Crossfit workouts ranging from brief duration to moderate/longer duration. During this 12 week program we will also be testing many classic CrossFit Benchmarks and 2018 CrossFit Open Wods. Here is what  a sample week may look like:

Day 1: ME Total Body – 5-15 Minute Conditioning – Accessory Work/Core

Day 2: Skill Work EMOM or – 12-20 Minute Conditioning  - Extra Work/Buy outs

Day 3: ME Lower Body – 5-15 Minute Conditioning – Accessory Work/Core

Day 4: EMOM/Skill Work – Crossfit Benchmark (varying time domains) – Exta Work/Buy outs

Day 5: ME Upper Body – 5-15 Minute Conditioning: – Accessory Work/Core

Day 6: 20-30 Minute Conditioning – Accessory Work/Core

Please be aware that this is a basic outline and some days may change. We are looking forward to our next block of  training and excited to see all the progress everyone will make. Please let us know if you have any questions.

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