Olympic Lifting Cycle

We are coming to the end of our Wendler cycle and we hope everyone is enjoying some PR’s. We spent the whole summer focusing on the slow lifts and some bodybuilding type accessory work; now it’s time to switch gears and take our new found strength and apply it to the Snatch and Clean and Jerk. The following is a cycle description of what to expect over the next few weeks.

When 1 rep testing is over, a 2 week Transition Phase will start on 9/4/17 and run until 9/17/16. During the phase expect the following:

Strength Work will focus on maintenance. Expect to hit lifts 3 days per week, only working up to 80% for some singles. By no means is this a time to try and max out, use this time to work on perfect technique and timing. 80% work will also allow coaches to fix technique issues and make corrections that can be used on the next rep. When using over 80% this is almost impossible to do.

Conditioning during this two week phase will be standard CrossFit type metabolic conditioning. The metcons after lifts will stay in the 5-12 minute range and in the 15-25 (cumulative) min range on the non-lift days. Also, there will be some Saturday WODs that will require you to work in teams of 2-3 individuals.

Extra Gymnastics Work will occur during this 2 week transition cycle. Expect to see some EMOM’s or short conditioning workouts with handstand push-ups, pull-ups, pistols, toes to bar etc.

Core work will remain mostly of what you are used to seeing after WODs with some carries sprinkled in again.

After the 2- week Transition phase, the Oly/Gymnastics Phase will run 13-weeks from 9/18/17 – 12/17/17. Here is a description of what to expect during these 13 weeks.

Strength work will focus on the following lifts: snatch, clean and jerk, push press, front squat, and back squat. We will be working with percentages 5 days per week on these lifts and will test them during week 13. Percentages are used for these lifts so we can build confidence with our technique, and be able to handle more volume with heavier loads towards the end of the cycle. Maxing out before the 13th week is strongly discouraged. Make your goal during this cycle to never have a missed lift! We will test at the END of the cycle.

Conditioning during this cycle will consist of typical randomized CrossFit type workouts varying in time domains, however we will be keeping the Olympic lifts (cleans and snatches) out of the WODs for the most part, so we can focus on building our strength and technique with them. WOD’s during this cycle will be heavier in non-barbell movements and gymnastic elements. The accessory type conditioning days will still be included 2-3 times per week when appropriate.

Optional Work/Accessory Lifts this cycle will include additional snatch/clean technique work. Expect to see one or two extra movements involving some pull and/or block work programmed on some days.

The coaches are excited to start the next cycle, if you have any questions, please feel free to ask us.

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