CFN 16.5 Tips and Strategies

Well, we all talked about this happening, we just didn’t want to believe it. My heart sunk as the words “14.5″ left his mouth. For those that have never done this wod before….be grateful. It’s going to be one big gut check! Remember, this workout is for time, so we can’t be saved by the clock. Get er done!

Thrusters 95/63
Bar Facing Burpees


Break this up really early. 9-7-5 (21), 7-6-5 (18), 8-7 (15), 7-5 (12), then trying to do 9-6-3 unbroken would be the largest sets I would suggest. 7-7-7, 6-6-6, 5-5-5, 4-4-4, 3-3-3, 6, 3, is probably what everyone should be doing on these. Don’t bite off more than you can chew in the workout, or it’s going to be a long way to the finish. There are alott of thrusters, so do them at a methodical pace. ¬†If you’re comfortable with an open grip (thumbs don’t wrap), then use it. Wearing weightlifting shoes will depend on if you like/dislike doing a ton of burpees in them.


Oh man. Makes me sweat just writing about them. No matter how much it hurts, you have to keep moving. Don’t jump down and up if these tend to spike your heart rate. Stepping¬† down and stepping back up prior to jumping over the bar is a great idea. For some people burpees will shoot that heart rate right up no matter what. If that’s the case, break these up as well. Sets similar to the thrusters should make it manageable.

This workout could take some 20-30 minutes to complete. Please make your best effort to come on Saturday, as we will be closed Sunday in observance of Easter.

After the open on Saturday, we will be having a BYOB pizza party. Rumor has it, there will also be a volley ball net set up. Please join us.

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