17.4 and 16.4 CFN Tips and Strategies

17.4 Tips and Strategy is….16.4 Tips and Strategy.

13 Minute AMRAP

55 Deadlifts 225/155

55 Wallballs 20/14

55 Calorie Row

55 Handstand Push-ups
55 Deadlifts

Wear normal shoes for this and a belt. 225 and 155 are going to heavy quick. This workout isn’t really about the deadlifts though, so just get these over with. If you plan on getting to some hspu, then sets of 5′s are the smallest sets I recommend. If your dead is over 400lbs or 300lbs for the ladies, then sets of 11 might be where you’re at. Singles are just way to slow. Don’t go to them unless you have to. 5 every 15 seconds  gives you 20 reps per minute, getting the deads done at around 2:45. Going for sets of 11 every 30 seconds, gets you done at 2:30. Do what fits your strength.

55 Wallballs

If you’re a terrible squatter, and can somehow slip into lifters without wasting anytime, do it. If not, just forget you read that. I love a big set to start these off, I don’t think anything more than 15 is smart though. After the 15, you can back off from there with 10′s and such. If wall-balls are not your thing, doing sets of 6-10 reps every 30 seconds might be the way to go. Either way, the end time for these should be similar to the deads, with some time added on for fatigue. 3:00-3:30 should bring you off the wall.

55 Cal Row

This is not an all out sprint for cals, it’s more of a recovery if you plan to get handstand push-ups. Don’t mistake recovery for “this is not going to suck,” because it’s definitely going to suck. Guys are at an advantage here on the row and I’m going to suggest keeping a 800-1000 cal/hr pace, depending on your row ability.  This will get you 13-16 cals per minute. If you have the 16, you’ll spend about 3:15 on the rower. If the 13 cals per minute is more your speed, then we are looking at 4:15 on the rower. Remember….steady if you want some hspu. If you were able to slide those lifters on for the wallballs, then they will definitely help you on the row.

55 Handstand Push-ups

If you made it here, congrats! Hopefully with the pacing strategies above, you have about 2-4 minutes here to get through some hspu. Please break this up before they are gone. Quick sets of 1-6 depending on your ability will work. These are to a target, so if you’re  someone that rests their butt against the wall at the top, most (if not all) your reps will not count. If you have your lifters on and can’t do hspu with them, just kick them off. This will be the ending point for us all, so get as many as you can!

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