Why YOU Should Compete in this Crossfit Games Open!


It’s finally that time of year… I’m sure you’ve heard coaches, athletes, or have even seen commercials talking about the 2016 Crossfit open. As an athlete I love to compete but what I enjoy even more as a coach is seeing others compete and push themselves pass their limits and do what they didn’t realize they could. This being one of the main reasons why the open is so cool, but if you’re on the fence about signing up, here is a couple more reasons why you should register and compete!


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It’s Fun and Builds Community


The Open is different than just a regular WOD, it’s a chance to turn up the music a little louder, go a little harder, and have some fun with the workout. You get to workout side by side with your friends/coaches and have our Crossfit Newtown family cheering you on as you go. The more people that compete, the bigger and stronger our community becomes! Some one will be judging your reps but no one will be judging you’re score, time, or final placing in the end. Everyone is nervous going into each workout, but regardless of how you perform, you signed up and showed up to throw down (and that’s all that matters!).


Comfortable Competition Setting


Normally Crossfit competitions are intimidating… going to different gyms and competing against people you don’t know can be overwhelming. However, this is the best part about the open! Every workout is done in the gym with the people you train with every day. So there are no surprises or curveballs, you can use your favorite bar, listen to your favorite song, or claim your favorite spot on the floor with no problem!



You are definitely “Fit Enough”


The fact of the matter is there is no “fit enough” or “level of fitness” needed to compete in the open. The workouts can be done as Rx’d or scaled and still be scored and compared to people all over the world. At the end of the day its all for fun and the open gives you a chance to push yourself harder than you would during a normal workout… and I know you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re actually capable of!


It provides actual data so you can see your progress from year to year


Regardless if you’re a fitness nerd or not, the open gives you a chance to compare your scores, times, and placement from year to year and see how you’re progressing. Now that we have Wodify up and running in full force it is easy to look up all open workouts past and present, and see your results. It lets you see what areas you’re great at, area’s your good at, and then area’s that could use a little more focus.


To sign up for the 2017 open head on over to http://games.crossfit.com/about-the-games/the-open and register! Be sure to add Crossfit Newtown as your Gym and also your team! You can also ask any of the coaches if you have any questions regarding the open.  This year we will be programming the Open Workout for everyone to do in the 8:30 and 9:30 am classes on Saturdays. Everyone will need to preregister on Wodify for class, so we can assign heats and judges prior to Saturday. Everyone that attends on Saturdays will be expected to also judge. We do realize that some athletes will need other arrangements to complete their Open WODs and we will do our best to accommodate. All attempts outside of our normally scheduled time slots will have to be arranged with a coach.  CrossFit Newtown has two main goals for the 2017 Open:

  1. Have 50 athletes from our affiliate participate in the Open. As mentioned above, anyone can do it. They even have an option to scale workouts.

  2. Have our Affiliate ranked in the top 200 boxes in the region.  This is done by adding together the top 3 male scores and top 3 female scores each week during the open.

Good Luck!

 - Written by Phil Nash

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