Mondays Aren’t As Bad As You Think

Disclaimer: I agree that Mondays are terrible. I would be lying if I said I wake up every Monday jumping out of bed, happy, and ready to participate in life after a weekend of sleeping in and relaxing. Monday means it’s time to get back into your routine, and while routine in most cases is good and beneficial, it’s still tough. However, Mondays aren’t as bad as you think.


Mondays are a day for progress; Monday is the “new years” of every week. It’s the time to refocus and reenergize yourself towards your goals and ambitions. Mondays, to me, is that kick in the pants that motivates me to get my life back together after some weekend choices (chicken wings and beer) that may not have been conducive to getting closer to my goals. Whether it’s physiological, psychological, financial, diet, or whatever YOUR goal is, Monday is the day to start over again and further yourself.

I look forward to Mondays for the most part, but that isn’t always the case. I still get the “Sunday scaries” and feel overwhelmed knowing I have a busy day or even week ahead of me. I have found that focusing my thoughts on what my workout is going to be the next day actually helps to calm me. One of my 2016 goals is to qualify for the American open as a 105kg lifter (231lb). By focusing and directing my energy on how I’m going to approach that workout on Monday is very soothing for me. My goals differ from yours, but I encourage you to recognize two things. First, when you are experiencing these thoughts and unsettling feelings, remember that they are temporary and second, actively try to think about what you can do on Monday that will relieve those negative thoughts.



My Monday motivation is my own personal physical goals, they are powerful and strong enough that once I get through that groggy turning off of the alarm and getting up, the switch flips. At times people have the tendency to make excuses for themselves by slacking just because “it’s a Monday” and universally humans empathize with that same dreadful notion so we think it’s okay. However, instead of making Monday an excuse not to do something that propels you closer to your goal, make Monday an opportunity to do the opposite. Make Monday the day to accomplish goals because it is the first day to start a successful week. Turn your perspective on Mondays from the closing door on a relaxing weekend to the gateway for productivity. A simple change in mind can make a world of difference when it comes to accomplishment. Your goals may differ from mine but this mindset can apply to everyone. Make a goal and find something that gives your Monday the ability to help you get closer to becoming someone better than who you were.


Mondays will always be Mondays but how you view your Monday will change the rest of your week and set the stage for you to become better you.

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