CFN’s Classic CrossFit Cycle 5 Week Program

We have just finished a 12-week Olympic Lift focused  program and will now transition over to a more classic version of CrossFit  programming. Our 5 week Classic CrossFit Cycle, running from Dec 19th to Jan 22nd, will include the following:

  • Less structured lifting to give our minds and bodies a break from the grind of percentage based programming. Although, CFN is a big advocate of a strength based template, it is ok to not do any structured strength training every once in awhile. Don’t worry…we will be lifting!
  • More Varied General Physical Preparedness (GPP Training) to give everyone a good base of conditioning and skills before participating in the 2017 CrossFit Open or just for a change of pace.
  • Testing of classic CrossFit benchmarks to assess our overall fitness and to address any weaknesses going into 2017. Unlike in the past, benchmarks will now be tested first in the daily programming.
  • Extra Work will comprise of rowing intervals. This is a great way to get some extra conditioning in without overtaxing our muscular system and joints.

Good luck to everyone and we hope you enjoy the cycle!

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