15.4 CFN Tips and Strategies

Handstand Push-Ups
  • One major point of advice: Break this up earlier then you have to! I would recommend breaking this up at the set of 6. These are another movement that once they are gone, they don’t come back. This workout is mostly in the HSPU, so pace them properly and you can have some arms left for the later rounds. Come out to hard, your workout may be over in the set of 9′s! For most I would suggest not doing more then 2-3 with 10 second breaks in between. At first the rest may seem silly, but when you get to those higher rep rounds, your shoulders will thank you. I would not recommend performing the HSPU without anything underneath your head, you will have to return to the down position way to slow and leak a lot of energy. ¬†Standards state you can use 25lbs plates and an abmat, so if your comfortable with that, please use them. For some, the plates seem to make the movement harder, mostly because of the fixed hand position and the lack/unevenness of surface your hand can sort of “grab” at. Another option would be to just lay some yoga mats done or some other type of mat, this will save your head and give your hands a little freedom. Lastly, I would def kip your HSPU!
  • The cleans are there mostly to get in the way and I would suggest taking them in singles with as little rest as possible. I’m not convinced that touch and go would be of any benefit. I definitely recommend power cleaning this weight. ¬†If you plan on squat cleaning or the weight is larger then 80% of your max, then I would def suggest weightlifting shoes, belt, and sleeves. This stuff will hold you back a tad on HSPU, but if the cleans are that heavy, you still have to get through them.
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