15.1 Tips and Strategies


 1. Wear normal sneakers for 15.1. The hardest part of the 9 minutes is the T2B for most. Lifting shoes are too much added weight.
2. Break up toes to bar early. If you can’t do 3 sets of 15 Toes to Bar while fresh, you will not be able to do them here. 3 sets of 5 seems to work with 5-10 breaks. Also, don’t jump to the bar, use plates/box something. Jumping takes energy and if you’re breaking up your sets, that’s a lot of jumping.
3. Use an alternate grip on the deadlift and go unbroken. Relax during this and stay steady. Unlike max effort deadlifts when a little breathe holding is good, you’ll want to breathe during these deadlifts.
4. If you can, go unbroken on the snatches. If not, quick singles also work well, don’t gas out before you get back on toes to bar. If you do decide to go unbroken try and stay steady like on the deadlifts. No need to grip and rip on these.
5. 15.1 needs to be paced. Depending on your ability level rounds should be finished around 1:30 ish quickest to 2:00 slowest. Anything faster then that, you are going to regionals or you just wasted yourself for the rest of the workout, specifically toes to bar.
6. When you finish 15.1 immediately load your first attempt then change into your lifting shoes and get your belt on if needed. Aim to take your first attempt at 10:30, 2nd attempt at 12:00, 3rd attempt at 13:30, and if you get a 4th attempt take it at about 14:30-14:45 ish. These are 90 second breaks so there is some wiggle room to go faster if you can. I suggest hitting 70%, 80%, 90%, then it’s a judgment call. Not many will PR, so stop that thinking.
7. It easier to stack weight on then take weight off, so if it fits within your percentages, do not strip your bar from its original 115/75. This may not work for some.
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