Snatch Complex 2+2+2

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Snatch Complex (no score will be recorded for the complex)
Power Snatch + Hang Snatch (full Squat) + Overhead Squat

*After the warm up you will have 15 minutes to work up to a weight that you can complete for the complex. You can take as many sets as possible during the 15 minute time frame. The power snatches can be bailed between reps, but from your second power snatch you must go into your hang snatch and on your second Hang Snatch you must go right into your Overhead Squats.

*On the “Complex” days we have a lot of work to do in class, so if you come early please start foam rolling. Once class starts we will have minimal time you roll and will probably move into our dynamic warm and empty bar drills. If you need any additional warm up, please try to arrive early.



Tall Box Jumps 30/24
KB Swings 53/35


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