Mothers, Daughters, CrossFit.

crossfitI have been participating in Crossfit for over 3 years now and I can honestly say it has taken my overall fitness and strength to a different level – one that I never thought I could possibly achieve. I mean if someone said that in my 50s I would learn to do a handstand pushup or deadlift 175 lbs I would have said you were nuts!!!

Or if you someone told me that my teenage daughter and I would work out together, I would think they were nuts too. But it’s true, my 16 year old daughter and I do Crossfit together! Danielle joined earlier this year and thinks it is great. Secretly, I feel honored that she thinks this is ‘cool’ enough to do with her Mom! She loves it for the same reasons I do – she sees her fitness improving and her body changing, loves the challenge and really enjoys the personal, friendly and encouraging environment. I think it is so healthy for the two of us to have a positive activity we can share and talk about. I have been exercising since my ’20s and hope that my daughter will also have a life long commitment to strength, fitness and health. She sure is off to a good start. She told me that Crossfit has made her feel good about herself, knowing what she can achieve. While I am 40 years older than her I feel the same way!

There are many misconceptions about this sport.  The one I hear most often is that it is over-the-top, brutal and crazy and “sends the orthopedist’s kids through college”. While the training pushes you to stretch your limits, the coaching is ALWAYS focused on correct form and reasonable weight. If anything, I have found all my coaches to be a perfect combination of motivating me to stretch my goals further but monitoring the safety aspect (especially of correct form). All moves are scalable to meet your individual ability and goals.

Another misconception is that Crossfit is only for the young male athlete. (This could stem from watching the Crossfit Games on TV in July which brings together the top performers in the WORLD, they are close to not-human in their abilities!!!). Our gym has all ages, men and women, all body types, people in all stages of life. Granted, I do think it helps if a new member has some prior exercise experience, as our workouts are more intense. However, I can be running, squatting or jumping next to a college athlete or a mom who just had a baby or someone who just retired….and even my 16 year old daughter now!

That’s what I mean about Crossfit – it can be for just about everyone. Look at us – mother and daughter, supporting each other to be our best selves!

-Written By Val Corace, CFN Member


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