October Member of the Month: Gwyn Burns


Congratulations to our member, Gwyn Burns who has been selected as our October Athlete of the Month.

Our coaches sounded off and noted some of the great strides that Gwynn has made lately:

“She has been making a lot of progress with lifting.   She stays after class to work on skills and lifting and is consistent with class attendance.  She is supportive and motivating for other members.  I like her positive attitude.”

“Not only does Gwynn have a great work ethic and attitude,  she also eats really healthy and always talks to everyone in class about eating healthy.  I think she’s been killin’ it!”

“She’s all in. Putting in time for strength on her own. She is committed to her diet and is clearly changing her physique.”


How I was introduced to CrossFit:  Friends I have who belong to other boxes as well as my boss and member Roy Brito.

 My fitness routine before CrossFit:  I have had times of being in really good shape and times of not being in so good of shape.  During earlier years I played field hockey, softball, basketball and Jazz/ballet(hesitant in adding this) and shortly prior to crossfit I practiced yoga, ran some and occasionally hiked.  I tried joining a gym at one time but quickly that became a bore!

My thoughts after my first CrossFit workout:  GASP! I almost made myself puke, the next two days being sore was an UNDERSTATEMENT and getting a good night sleep was impossible because every time I rolled over I was in so much pain.  However. the endorphins I felt made me determined to go back; quickly, I started becoming addicted to the high of the love of working toward a common goal with a community of people and coaches who are supportive and genuinely excited for each milestone or new PR accomplished for all.

My proudest CrossFit accomplishment is:  Linking multiple double unders together.  I practiced for days straight, frustrated and feeling defeated until one day it just clicked for me.  It was not the most graceful looking flow with my knees high and torso leaned forward but it was one of my happiest moments to date.

My favorite WOD is:  Not sure I have a favorite yet but if I had to say one, it would be filthy fifty.

 My Favorite Lift is:  I would have to say the snatch.  I like to be taken out of my comfort zone and the snatch is a lift that does exactly that.  It is such a hurdle for me as my mind just does not want to listen to the process of getting from A to B smoothly.

My next goal is:  Keeping it simple right now.  I want to accomplish a more productive snatch with a higher weight and remind myself that quitting is never an option for me.

What I love most about CrossFit Newtown:  I love the community of Crossfit Newtown, people and coaches the most!

What advice I would give to a someone just joining CrossFit Newtown:  My advice would be:  don’t be scared, have confidence you can do it, compete against yourself, know it will get easier…well, kind of and don’t let quitting be an option for you.

 Do you have any diet/nutritional advice?  For me, eating paleo, organic and raw has worked well.  It’s a lifestyle that I take seriously but not too serious as sometimes I just need a cheat day or need to fulfill a craving.  Life without twizzlers or golden ribbon ice-cream sometimes just isn’t an option for me either.


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