2013 CrossFit Open Recap

First off, congratulations to everyone that competed in their first CrossFit Open!  We could start off recapping our team ranking, individual rankings, and our standing within our own gym. But, none of that really matters…the feats that we witnessed in the box matter more than any of that.


In WOD 13.1, we got to see people PR their snatch for multiple reps, all while doing a ton of burpees before hand.  Athletes displayed how to create solid game plan for 13.2, while experimenting with movements they have never done in a CrossFit WOD before. 13.3 brought us last year’s open workout consisting of Wall Balls, Double Unders, and Muscle ups.  While this programming disappointed some, they put that all aside and had some remarkable performances.  Some even linked more double unders together than they ever had in the past….after doing Karen.   Remarkable.


WOD 13.4 brought us one of the movements that our box feared the most, toes to bar. But again, our athletes grinded through as many as possible, with a few females PR’ing their Clean and Jerk for multiple reps.  The last workout, WOD 13.5, contained another movement feared by many, chest to bar pullups and it happened again.  Athletes who had just started doing pull-ups, dug deep and pulled off a few chest to bar.


All in all, the 2013 Open was a success for CrossFit Newtown.  We had many firsts and we saw our athletes really bring it on game day. The fact that we came together as a box to compete really did great things for our community and brought us closer as a group.  The energy during the Friday night workouts was amazing and we hope that everyone really commits to working on their weaknesses in preparation for 2014.   Reflect on the open, what you need to work on and get your goals on the board.

We are all very proud of you.  Thank you for being part of our community!

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