“I joined  Crossfit Newtown in March 2012. In the span of 8 years of sitting behind a desk through a combination of long hours, high stress and little physical activity; my low energy, sleep deprived body had gained over 30 pounds. I was looking for a solution. My brother who has been active in CrossFit in the Chicago area for a number of years suggested I give it a shot. I took him up on the suggestion and looked for a local box in the Bucks County area. Enter Crossfit Newtown (CFN)

To say I was completely out of shape would be a serious understatement. My strength, endurance and flexibility all suffered considerably due to lack my lack of exercise. I started at the beginning with the fundamentals. The three required fundamentals courses provide instruction and prepare you for the various stretches, techniques and olympic lifts performed as part of the planned daily workout. The coaches at CrossFit Newtown are all CrossFit certified and deliver the proper balance/combination of teaching the correct technique and form with physical practice to get you comfortable with the selected movements in a short period of time.

Post completion of the fundamentals, I got the green light to begin attending the regularly scheduled workout of the day (wod) classes. I started going to CFN three days per week and endured workouts with names like Fran, Barbara, Diane and Cindy. Each of which brings back memories of the days after where every muscle in my body felt like I had been carrying a refrigerator on my back while simultaneously running a marathon. In each workout their is a clear structure: warm up, typically followed by some type of strength conditioning, then the workout of the day and then finally a core workout all within the hour class time. The coaches discuss techniques for the workout, aid in proper form and guide participants through the stages of the class. Each workout is different, no one day has been the same since the day I joined. The workout is scaleable and allows the ability to personalize and design the workout to the individual depending on the person’s experience, strength and fitness level.

The classes are comprised of a spectrum of men and women of all ages and levels of fitness including but not limited to: the college athlete home for the summer, the high school swimmer, the mid 40′s professional, the 50 year old mother of three, the novice athlete and the crossfitter with aspirations of qualifying for nationals.

The classes at CFN take place in a brand new facility which opened in July 2012 and is outfitted with top equipment and more importantly provides the ideal environment to develop and challenge yourself to levels of fitness you didn’t think were possible through a mixture of top instruction, camaraderie and competition to push yourself to do one more, go faster or get stronger.

It has been six months since I joined CFN which I now attend on average four days per week. In that time period, I have lost 25 pounds and dropped from a 35 inch waist to a 31 inch waist. I am in the best shape of my life. I am stronger, more flexible, have more energy and have been told I look 10 years younger by those who haven’t seen me in recent months.

I can say with conviction that the people and the program at  Crossfit Newtown have fundamentally changed my outlook on crossfit and fitness and continue to challenge me daily to improve.

I strongly recommend Crossfit Newtown to anyone looking to get in shape, get stronger and get faster.”

- Steve S. (Started March 2012)

My story is similar to Steve’s.  Fifteen plus years of working long hours in a cubicle everyday combined with occasional irregular trips to the gym had taken a significant toll on me.  I picked up roughly 25-30 lbs, didn’t sleep well, and lacked energy in general.  My girlfriend works at Makefield Chiropractic as a massage therapist and took classes in the past, and she suggested I give CrossFit a try.

All the instructors (Matt, Brian, Stef, Renae, and Dr. Tom) are excellent coaches and always provide positive reinforcement, especially for new members.  They’ll also provide additional help for specific movements for anyone that needs it.  I’d describe the daily workouts (WOD) with other class members as “competitively supportive”. Everyone is really nice and it’s a great environment to achieve whatever fitness goals you have.

For someone new to CrossFit and working out regularly in general, there will come a time (probably in the first six weeks) where you might consider quitting.  You want the muscle soreness everywhere to go away, making time for it becomes more difficult after the initial rush, and maybe you get discouraged when everyone–especially the girls–kick the crap out of you in the workouts.  Believe me–I was there and know exactly how it feels.  Don’t quit–stick with it and keep pushing forward as best you can.  The improvements you want will come as long as you keep working toward them.  I’ve lost 30 lbs since I started ten months ago, have much more energy, and am in the best shape of my life.

- Mike Z. (Started March 2012)

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