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The first 2013 CrossFit Open workout gets released on Wednesday, March 6th at 8pm. It makes us proud to have so many of you signed up for your first major test of fitness. Congratulations to everyone for competing!

Starting next week, we will run each week’s Open workout as the daily WOD every Friday (all classes) and during Sunday’s open gym. If for some reason you cannot make those specified times, please let us know, so we can make accommodations for you to get judged at another time.

Each week I will communicate with those that entered the open as to when they will be attending class, so I can make myself available.


Complete the following 5 minute AMRAPS. Athletes will get 2:00 minutes rest between AMRAPS

6 Ring Rows

9 Goblet squats 53/35


6 Barbell Lunges (3 per leg) 115/80

9 Russian Swings 53/35

6 Toes to Bar

9 Hang Squat Clean 115/80

*Please add up your total reps achieved for your score. 1 round =15 reps.

Core: Side Planks 3×30 seconds per side rest as needed between efforts.

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