The Post-Workout Conundrum

Last week I covered BCAA’s and the fact that Kate enjoys Pinnacle whipped vodka. So what happened after last weeks blog, folks went out and got some BCAA’s and Kate still likes whipped vodka. Cool. This week I would like to talk about post workout nutrition. Why? Because people are asking and it’s also crucial to getting jacked and tan. Everybody wants to be jacked and tan. But if you don’t, stop reading and carry on with your day. It’s cool. We talked about protein synthesis last week and how important it is for how we look, feel, and perform. I suggest as a general recommendation that everyone try and take in 1 gram of protein for each pound of bodyweight. This will make sure we stay in a positive nitrogen balance, which increases protein synthesis and offsets protein degradation. Protein has other important functions in the body, but without it kiss getting jacked and tan goodbye. So for a 130 pound woman, you need 130 grams of protein. Easy stuff. Now for some this could be a lot of food, given a piece of chicken breast only has about 30-40 grams in it. 4-5 chicken breast or any portion of protein for that matter might be hard for some people to take in. This is where post workout nutrition comes into play. This 30 minute window after exercise is the best time to take in a post workout shake of about 20-30 grams of protein and 60-100 grams of carbohydrate. The protein will increase protein synthesis and the carbohydrates will decrease protein degradation….and we all know what happens when we do this…jacked and tan. The easiest time for this to happen is POST-WORKOUT and the shake can be be included in your daily requirement. We have a great new protein product in the office now by Stronger, Faster, Healthier. It’s an excellent protein source (whey) but doesn’t have any sugar. So you could combine it with fruit or go out and get a carb powder to add to your shakes. I use one and it works wonders. If you need suggestions just ask me, but a maltodextrin works really well. As always, if getting better does not interest you, stay clear of this stuff. Its cool.

*sorry for any grammatical or spelling errors, blogging from an IPhone. Also, if you have any questions please use the comment feature.

Social Notes:
-This Thursday August 16th, my gorgeous fiancĂ© Laura, will be celebrity bartending at Sweeney’s. She is the last of 8 bartenders that are all competing for the largest bar ring, so help my wedding fund and attend Sweeney’s on Thursday, I know a few of us are going. Let’s make it a lot of us.
-we also have two 21st birthdays to celebrate. Members, Maggie and Dan, have both reached that magical age and we will be helping them celebrate their birthdays on Saturday Night at the Parrot. See you there.


Back Squat 5 rep max

4 rounds for time
15 DB Push Press 55/35
20 DB bent over row

Hollow Rocks x60



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